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Your patients at the National Health Service (NHS) of Lothian in south-eastern Scotland will soon be able to access up-to-date details about their health and care online in a new patient portal. During Sept, 2013, a small group of patients have now begun securely accessing their calm information.

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The information readily available electronically includes test results, an allergy problem, clinical documents and information about years and future appointments. It is constructed directly available from a system architectural mastery framework, which provides patient management selective information, and the Scottish Care Information Preserve (SCI Store) – an information repository that is traditionally used to provide physicians with secure access and featuring of patient information. It is so brought together and accessed while using the patient through a private healthcare business enterprise} patient portal.

Charlie Egan, Director for eHealth on NHS Lothian said: “We experience great success in utilising virtually any clinical portal at NHS Lothian to share patient information amongst physicians across other health boards. The client portal is a significant stepping pound in our strategy to provide patients who have access to their own patient information. Understand it ensures that patients are better the greater about their health, meanwhile providing these opportunity to monitor and take high responsibility for their own healthcare. lunch break

Not only is the calm portal expected to ensure that patients help you access their own information, NHS Lothian hopes that it will free up clinical not to mention administrative time too. Patients no longer need to ring up to check prearranged visits and in some cases will not need to phone to check on results as they will be made available much faster and efficiently through the portal.

Mr Egan added: “I was one of the first users of the calm portal and could instantly see the will benefit that it will bring to our patients. Concerning too long, patients have relied at healthcare professionals to find out and computer monitor basic information about their health properly condition. The portal helps to enhance a step-change in putting the sufferer at the centre of the NHS. lunch break

The health board, presents healthcare to more than 840  1000 people across Lothian and Edinburgh, is continuing to enhance and ponder the word the system before gradually deploying the following to different patient groups across the nation as part of a wider roll-out.

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