COUNTRY: Liverpool Health Trust launches telehealth project for people with long-term conditions

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The Liverpool Community Health Country specific Health Service (NHS) Trust set in motion the ‘More independent’ project at the end of August 2013, piloted across nearly four regions in the UK with the aim to allow for people with long-term health conditions.

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The ‘More independent’ or simply ‘Mi’ scheme  is a telehealth service which operates on the all box connected to a TV issues Motiva Personal Healthcare Channel, empowering nurses to send messages, feedback and moreover reminders to patients. Patients may be able to use a blood pressure monitor and sizes to send data directly to the healthcare professional via a secure network.

The Liverpool programme has enrollment more than 50 patients so far issues trust hopes to get at least 1  000 patients enrolled in the next a couple of years.

Helen Lockett, Overseer of Operations and Executive Breastfeed, said that there were different tools to obtain people’s different health needs. “Mi is all about harnessing potential to empower individuals to live more independently in their have acquired homes and lead healthier lives, ” she said. “From one who simply needs a little practical physical health advice, through to people living with network, long-term conditions who need greater allow for, Mi provides us with a a lot higher opportunity to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals. ”

The Mi solution is a partnership between charities, this particular NHS and supplier organisations while offering a a range of telehealth and telecare pills. It is actually Liverpool’s Delivering Assisted Experiencing Lifestyles At Scale (DALLAS) design, which received more than £7 64,000 (approx. €8. 3 million) when funding from the government. Earlier this year it launched a smarthouse, based at the Public of Liverpool, which brings together the various tools and gadgets that can support individuals to live independently. Products range from thinking watches to fall detectors, epilepsy sensors and bath plugs that’ll stop flooding or tell you if this type of water is too hot.

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