BRITAIN: HMRC’s open data strategy plus release of the Data Catalogue

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HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue plus Customs) has developed an open data prepare, a detailed document laying out plans to publish information in a linkable and re-usable format with the aim to drive reform and improvement through transparency plus citizen participation.

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During this initiative, the Department also offers released the Data Catalogue, an initial range of the datasets HMRC holds plus processes. The catalogue is a renewal of the information released in the openness implementation plan.

The Data Catalogue is an initial inventory for this datasets HMRC holds and steps. It is part of the UK Government’s interest to greater transparency. It provides a first view of the types of data its HMRV hold, and how they intend to treat them in line with the drive to better accountability and promote social plus economic growth.

This is what catalogue has informed HMRC’s step to the Shakespeare Review and shapes part of the National Information Infrastructure hard drive inventory published on data. gov. uk. It is a combination of datasets employed HMRC for analytical purposes, understanding released as National Statistics in addition to part of our commitment to the Transparency Slate, as well as information from administrative and company datasets used in the Department.

As part of our ongoing operate on transparency, it is possible that updated designs of the HMRC’s Data Catalogue will likely be published at regular intervals.

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