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Earlier this year, Twitter advertising launched TV ad targeting , a way for brands to further connect with TV viewers on Twitter and also require been exposed to their ads during a tv series. Last week, Twitter expanded its TV SHOWS ad connection to conversation targeting , reaching TV viewers engaging in talk about a particular show.

From Twitter:

The means TV conversation targeting works is easy: through our conversation mapping systems, networks and brands can industry Tweets to users who engage with specific shows, whether or not a brand is going to be running a spot in the program. This point advertisers can easily reach Twitter folks exposed to integrations, sponsorships, and other innovative TV tie-ins for an additional feel point or message expansion.

While this feature is too to be able to know its impact, previous analysis commissioned by Twitter with Nielsen and MarketShare showed Twitter public notices that targeted viewers who may have used the brand’s TV ads the actual showed significant ROI.

One stat showed the cost a incremental acquisition from TV portable was 36 percent less in case Promoted Tweets ran alongside TV SHOWS ads, versus TV ads by itself.


Another data point showed in case TV ads were paired with Twitter advertising paid media, “TV ads power 8-16 percent more sales directionally, ” Twitter reported.


Copnversation directed at is now available in the U. ‘s. and the UK, with Brazil, Southwestern ontario, France, and Spain to follow inside your coming weeks.

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