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The website has been launched to make available data on Sweden’s digitisation, for anyone to search, compare and share, it was announced on 13 March 2014. This data provides the Digitisation Commission (Digitaliseringskommissionen) with the data it uses in its analyses and proposals on digitisation.

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The aim is that the Digitisation Commission will work as openly and transparently as possible and is part of that. It provides the basis for the Commission’s analyses and proposals, including data items and indicators which shows the real picture of Swedish digitisation, its progression over time and in comparison with other countries. It also presents the players operating in different areas of the Digital Agenda, including the signatories who have actively chosen to write the agenda and work towards it. Currently in the early days of the website, there is only a small selection of the signatories, but in time all of the signatories will appear. Also available on the website are the measures the government has taken to promote digitisation.

The Digitisation Commission wants as many people as possible to study their data and perhaps discover a completely different pattern to the ones that they see. Perhaps other people will be able to draw different conclusions, perhaps requiring the analysis to be supplemented. The Commission welcomes this possibility.

The Digitisation Commission’s mission from the government is to monitor the development of digitisation on precisely these points: what is it, what is being done, who does what. is a modern way to undertake that mission, better and more orderly than appendix tables to the Commission’s reports.

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  • Original news article – E-delegationen (in Swedish)
  • (in Swedish)

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