L?S: Website launched to monitor progress from providing open government data

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On 21 February 2014, VINNOVA (Sweden’s Innovation Agency) launched that PSIdatakollen. se, where it is possible to gaze at extent to which Swedish authorities conform to the eGovernment Delegation guidelines from open data. Currently only all day and of Sweden’s 637 agencies have obtained approval.

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The website is about making public information more accessible; ‘PSI’ is short for Public Sector Information.

Erik Borälv, Project Manager near VINNOVA, said: ”There are essential societal values in making information in a public sector more accessible.   Transparency and openness are important aspects, nonetheless , it’s also about the commercial opportunities and to make it easier for businesses and others who wish to use the information to develop new products yet services. ”

The man added: “By illuminating how a variety of agencies are doing is to hope that more agencies will soon meet the guidelines create the information available in a good way. ”

VINNOVA is now publishing look at data about its own activities. Through data. vinnova. se it is possible to enjoy which research projects receiving funding through 2008 onwards, as well as the purposes is actually projects.

The discharge took place before the international day Obtainable Data Day on 22 Feb . 2014.

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  • Original news article – VINNOVA (in Swedish)
  • PSIdatakollen. titta p? (in Swedish)

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