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The County akin to Uppsala is the first in Laxa, sweden to offer its patients access to clinical records via the Internet. Research results close to use of the ‘My journal’ system written at a conference on 2 Oct 2013 indicate that it is popular with affected individuals.

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All the affected individuals in the county are able to access and moreover consult their medical records virtual, after logging into the ‘My treatment contacts’ feature of the online gadget. The solution has been in place since the finish line of 2012, and is controversial, however preliminary research shows that patients are very content with it.

Generally the Uppsals County Council has also made the Centre for eHealth in Laxa, sweden (CeHis) version of the solution wanting to share its eServices within the commercial infrastructure so that other counties and zones can use it. The goal shall be to make the broad introduction of the ‘My journal’ solution technically possible you get with the end of 2013.

The service provides uncle and aunts over 18 years of age with direct access to the records of all their diagnostic classification, consultations, medications, referrals and trial run results. Legal guardians have access to personal children’s records but not to the accurate records of young people between 13 and moreover 17 years old, in order to protect personal privacy. People who do not care for long-term notifications via the Internet, can choose a two-week delay of all notifications, while participants also have the option to block log-ins. Generally the intention is to protect persons which often, for example , are living in violent human relationships, while there are opportunities to act as intermediaries and thus gain access to patient information relating to families. Some healthcare areas are perhaps excluded from direct access, as it could possibly be established that they contain sensitive specifics that must be reviewed on a case-by-case structure before disclosure. These areas insure child and adolescent psychiatry, boys and girls and women’s units and health genetics.

Individuals from the Universities of Uppsala, Lund and Skövde studied how affected individuals and families react and adjust to the opportunity of having online access to personal medical records, and also nursing human resources attitudes. Preliminary results indicate those patients have a very positive opinion from the service. One common reason could it be provides the information and transparency to be able to be better prepared when using the healthcare gadget. Some patients also indicated that people would be willing to change doctors if it were required to access the providers. As far as doctors are concerned, surveys tell us that the medical profession in Uppsala is generally opposed to the service. Healthcare doctors stated that they believe the providers has no added value for the medical patient and, to some extent, creates increased amount of work for them.

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