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The web service My Certificate was deployed by the national Meeting place for eHealth (CeHis) on 25 September 2013, allowing citizens to possess sick leave certificates online and at that point forward them to the Swedish Party Insurance System or their firms.

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The new service besides enables county councils to connect their own medical records, which in turn gives folk the ability to consult their electronic intended for certificates online.

“We are about to take another chapter in the management of certificates. Extreme work has been done and is so bearing fruit in the form of the raising the involvement of the individuals in the process impinging upon their own certificates, ” said Andrew d Alvinsson, Steering Committee Chairman as Certificate Services 2013.

My Certificate is a simple and guarantee website where citizens can quickly to have overview of their sick leave certs. Each citizen will now be able to make a decision whether to send their certificate on to the insurance agency or print the record and submit it to their recruiter.  

If the process tests go well, citizens will also be in a submit a certificate for the imparting of a social security benefit from the My own Certificate application directly to the My own Account application of the Social Insurance policy policy System website. In any event, this offer will be available by the end of 2013.

Certificate Services 2013 is among the most CeHis’s largest development projects as 2013 in collaboration with a secluded healthcare information technology (IT) provider.

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  • Original news article among the Center for eHealth in Sweden (in Swedish)

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