KOLLA P?: Great opportunities to improve eGovernment power, report concludes

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The Swedish Agency for Public Management (Statskontoret) has concluded that more concerted governmental steering and powerful financial selections are required for the opportunities presented as a result of eGovernment to be fully realised. Why these opportunities provide increased efficiency and after that quality of public administration, along with citizens and businesses.

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The Agency reached these fin in its evaluation of the E-Delegation (E-delegationen, in Swedish), the body tasked on to streamline and develop eGovernment doing Sweden. The evaluation, published on a 31 March 2014, shows that eGovernment is central to the management insurance option development. Heads of agencies understand eGovernment is an important issue but they face a great need for support, both industry and legal. In order to provide a digital venture in public administration also requires that your common digital development priority for an government as a whole.

The Agency’s evaluation also shows that the entire E-Delegation has built up knowledge and after that skills in the form of guides and procedures that are well distributed and which are being utilized the state administration. It is important to utilise web page knowledge and develop when the E-Delegation completes its work at the end having to do with 2014. The authorities ‘ constancy to the issues is also important to safeguards the continued work. The evaluation depicts in addition that the government had not managed the E-Delegation effectively, and this written for a lack of clarity in its responsibilities, people and priorities.

“Digitisation is a strategically important issue for an government and its development, ” accepted Yvonne Gustafsson, the Director Favorite of the Swedish Agency for Banal Management. “Digital interaction is low compertition in large parts and now is the only time to take the next step. ”

In order to achieve a more functional eGovernment system, the Agency suggests an inquiry with the mandate on to analyse how costs in public management can be reduced, and how the remaining road blocks to digital interaction can be bridged. The Agency is also proposing that your Government ensures a long-term outlook in the work with expert support and after that guidance by distributing this task such that one or more authorities.

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