RO: PKI Bridge platform to be designed in August 2014

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The Ministry for Information Society is implementing this ‘Project infrastructure development to interoperability and secure access to Central Administration’ or ‘PKI Bridge Development’. Most of the project has as main point the development of interoperable information security system, allowing secure transactions between organizations using PKI technology (Public Chief Infrastructure) from different providers.

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The ‘PKI Bridge Development’ project was launched in October 2013 with the signature of the contract and must be completed by August 2014, says the press release from the Ministry connected with Communications and Information Society.

The total budget allocated to the venture is of 5. 174 million EUR excluding VAT and include costs of needing hardware, software, maintenance services, venture management. The contract for the venture was signed with Asesoft Unusual (leader), and XOR IT MODERN ADVANCES SRL. The ‘PKI Bridge Development’ project is a key priority of one’s Digital Agenda for Romania, which generally implements the Digital Agenda for the Europe 2020 in the country.

The project is currently at the step of integration with providers connected with qualified certificates, and of functional the use for the use of digital certificates at the Instance of Single Contact, portal of one’s Office for National Trade with the portal ‘Developing interoperability Software applicaction for SMEs’. Additional discussions exist ongoing for integration with the Ministry of the Interior portal and with the Nation’s Agency for Fiscal Administration.

The vision behind this ‘PKI Bridge Development’ project can be to provide the infrastructure for an intensive and consequently secure exchange of data not only within between public administrations, but also with individuals, businesses and non-governmental organisations.

A more practical objective can be to raise awareness of the importance of a modern forcing and the benefits of interoperability of Customer Key Infrastructure (PKI) to enhance processes among companies, citizens and consequently public administration, and effective requirements with other European countries.

“The informatisation process will bring an improvement in their quality of public services in order to citizens and businesses. Also, citizens’ access to public information will be improved, staying away from the restrictions related to time and location. However , security solutions implemented by public institutions will ensure full discretion and integrity of data and information scanned to the system, ” said Objetivo Voicu, State Secretary in the Ministry for Information Society.

Most of the provision of an interoperable solution is a crtical elements of the PKI Bridge Development” project. The Ministry for Information Panic attacks intends to provide an infrastructure generating interoperability between participating members and consequently secure access to the infrastructure.

The project will provide next services:

  • berbagi through cross-certification certificate;
  • certificate trust lists (CTL); friction material
  • certified public key scheme provided by each participating Member State level, as well as certification authority revocation prospects and certificate revocation lists; and consequently
  • Website for submission certificate trust lists (CTLs), CELL PHONE documents (certificate policy) and a agenda of agreement.

Following the implementation of this project, open to the public institutions will have a number of benefits include things like:

  • Flexibility while choosing PKI providers in every individual institution, allowing the adaptation of one’s solution from a technical perspective, and also from a financial point of view (i. elizabeth. costs for each institutions);
  • Ability to use any and all of the remedies already in place, thereby saving as well as budget in the integration process; friction material
  • Secure transactions between two or more institutions, without having to replicate technical remedies or need for a punctual business punctual (i. e. it is not essential make punctual integration project for the whenever a secure institution must exchange their views, as everyone will be able to bind in the direction of bridge);
  • Increase resident access to public information;
  • Guaranteeing security of personal data, regardless of the university that holds/processes them;
  • Ensuring access of the BRIDGE assumes a vital step towards OSS;
  • A very important support to the widespread involving electronic signatures.

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  • Original news article the reason why Ministry of Communications and Information Panic attacks (in Romanian)

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