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All of the Deputy Minister for Regional Constructing, Miguel Poiares Maduro, presented some of administrative simplification and modernisation processes, approved on 27 March 2014 by the Cabinet through four associated with legislation. Joaquim Pedro Cardoso criminal lawyer Costa, Secretary of State in order for Administrative Modernization, was also present your press conference where the measures turned out to be presented under the motto ‘Simple, Close and open Administration’ (‘Administração Aberta + Fácil E + Próxima’ in Portuguese), The general strategy for this area and several concrete saw faq measures, covering areas such as conformity, digitization of public services as well as reducing bureaucracy, were presented.

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Among the measures outlined, is the outstanding models of Citizen Shops, which are but being promoted in partnership with local authorities as well as counting with a greater involvement of the aforementioned.

The new Citizen Shop come about as response to the need to think again about the state’s presence in the ground and the unsustainability of the original style of single service counters. The original model’s numbers had fallen far lacking the originally planned, precisely because of weather change associated costs.

Such as a further evolution Citizen Venue (Lojas do Cidadão in Portuguese) are going to be developed, bringing complementary entry point as well as allows, through a digital assisted products, access to the citizens that for any reasons do not have access to the handheld world.

“The Person Venues network aims to provide a helped digital service, allowing access to however digitally excluded citizens and creating their digital inclusion, ” at a the Deputy Minister and Territorial Development, remembering this project’s main partners which are local authorities and the ‘Post office of Portugal’, in addition to added public bodies providing services of such a nature.

The Minister also added that “the might be of this initiative is to give the folks everything they need, in one place, plus a single point of contact’. All of the Government’s commitment in this area is the start up spaces for thousands of citizens in the end of term. Similarly, the Admin of State said that these technology ‘are already on the ground in the form of start projects to test the difficulties – normally especially concentrated in the Lisbon environment, for operational reasons.

One of the measures now adopted makes the full use of technological solutions to simplify the relationship amid state and citizen. This is the occasion of mobile digital key, that may, for convenience in the use of handheld public services, offers a means of authentication complementary to the Citizen Card.

Also in this technological sphere the design of a ‘gps status’ appears to be presented. This is an application for pills and smartphones – which will also have a website version – through which commence locate any public service, may have learned their hours of operation as well as services search provided. This request is already in development and will be structured in July. It will be possible to get a security, know the waiting time and when you can end up in public service.

The govt. also announced the relaunch on the Simplex Programme, with various innovations as well as adoption of mechanism for looking at the impact of bureaucracy on the monetary system. It also made a commitment to reduce, with one third, the licensing procedures with regards to economic activities.


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