REHABILITATION: New version of Zero Certification starts in Abrantes, Agueda then Tavira

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The latest version from the Zero Licensing platform came into procedure on 24 February 2014 documented in municipalities of Abrantes, Agueda then Tavira. These municipalities are famed by their efforts towards modernization then simplification for the companies installed or be installed in their territory. This unique platform can be used by all municipalities in the country, a process that wishes to visit completed during the current year.

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Zero Licensing is a fed government initiative on administrative and regulatory simplification. It is materialized in the form of an electronic platform available in the Entrepreneur Journey (Enterprise Portal) WADA, IP (Presidency of the Council of Ministers). This hardware results from an ongoing collaboration between the PROPIETARIA, the Directorate-General for Economic Behavior (Ministry of Economy) and a present selection Portuguese municipalities. It simplifies cooperative, closure and modification of most advertising establishments, enabled through the internet, using a single entry point for all counties. At this point, it eliminates obstacles and excessive licenses, replacing them where straightforward by a simple notice. The method is based on trust between the state then business, strengthening enforcement actions retrospectively and strengthening accountability mechanisms of an individual. The approach applies in particular at establishments such as restaurants, bakeries, patisseries, greengrocers, fishmongers, health food stores, drug restaurants, hair salons and beauty parlors, for which eliminates multiple bureaucratic will serves as without added value. In May 2013, the European Commission famed Zero Licensure as a project linked excellence and innovation in the sounding Public Administration Innovative initiatives meant for companies.

The Totally free Licensing legal framework was passed by Decree-Law n. # 48 hcg diet plan 2011, April 1, as amended by Decree-Law n. º 141/2012 of 11 July, and came into force as established by Ordinance No . º 284/2012 of 20 Sept,.

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