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Amendments have been made to this Computerisation Act, which will help citizens but businesses to communicate electronically through public authorities and administrative surfaces, and increase the number and top rated quality of eServices. The changes were authored in the Official Gazette of 8 February 2014, with most of the provisions coming into force after three months, regarding 11 May.

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All of the authorities today provide many company electronically – the trouble is that this services are dispersed and the citizen finds it difficult to figure out what they can make for and how. This is due, among other things, that in Poland most public company are provided by local governments you ought to and they all do it differently.

This state of affairs is transitioning. The aim is to provide – most certainly – these services to all locals in a similar manner. This is why it is so important to cause good standards and practices, this is exactly why the Computerisation Act has been corrected.

This change plays a part in facilitate electronic communications by awe-inspiring an obligation on the authorities to use this electronic mailboxes to a single simple. There is a six months implementation period simply because of this, which runs until 10 June (today mailboxes can be different, and there is no guarantee that they will take solitary letter signed digitally).

For the citizen, this means an easy version of contact with the authorities – estates will be dealt with in a similar way in the office and they will receive digitally authorized letters.

The next step will be to organise the designs of documents: this Act requires the agencies to transmit designs of electronic documents to a fundamental repository, along with descriptions of company to the Minister for Computerisation to see if it is possible to achieve using these designs and create the electronic forms available. Makes that do not meet the designated hopes may be removed from the ePUAP  tool, the one-stop shop that makes it possible for eGovernment services in Poland, in order to confusing citizens.

In certain function can be performed electronically, court bodies will have to prepare the appropriate automated designs for letters and ways.

The new law plays a part in make it easier for citizens to choose trusted profile on the ePUAP tool. In order to use the profile, a citizen needs to first confirm their profile, this type of means making a visit to the officer. For many people this is a big hurdle. The hot law expands the network related with places where citizens can confirm the liable profile to include post offices but banks.

The development of eServices depends on how many of them appear on ePUAP. The Act also expands the group of institutions that will be able to speak to citizens via ePUAP.

Additionally , the law equates the automated and paper means of correspondence of this authorities. If a citizen initiates distance learning electronically, the authorities will have to communicate with them electronically.

Provisions of the Act relating to changes in the criminal defense on proceedings before administrative surfaces will enter into force on 4 February 2017. Changes to the place a burden on code of the service certificate consist of an electronic document will enter into amount of force on 1 January 2016

At the same time work is ongoing on the platform ePUAP to make it added user-friendly: convenient, more intuitive, running quicker processing of functions. All of the change should be implemented within a few weeks.

The work will be completed by the Ministry of Administration but Digitization, subject to the IT Work Centre (Centrum Projektów Informatycznych you ought to CPI, in Polish). With these situations made, the portal should be easier to use. Searches on website for optimal functions, bookmarks or information to become simpler, and the methods of communication relating citizens and the authorities should emphasize citizens of other well-known implements.

The new version within the ePUAP is the result of a online survey of preferences of citizens who would like to efficiently arrange their official commerce online, as well as expert analysis within the usefulness of the current site, but best practices collected on the implementation related with eGovernment systems across the world.

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