PROBLEMS: New version of the national purchase service launched

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On um January 2014 a new version was launched of the national procurement service Doffin, where public institutions in Norway publish information about their calls for abrir. The goal is to simplify a good system and provide a better service for its players.

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The new version pointing to Doffin is a more modern platform which will be faster and reduces the cost of stage and use.

New features include:

  • made better and faster search capabilities which make it easier for service providers to find ideal calls and announcements;
  • a more user-friendly operation with a a little more intuitive interface and clearer addition screens;
  • better aide for the reuse of information and pre-filling data;
  • more efficient details retrieval and generation of numbers on public procurement;
  • easier creation of announcements than ever.

It is also better for third parties who wish to offer goods and services based on the amount of data generated around daily announcements on the Doffin business site.

“The new kind of is more modern and give the necessary flexibility for the future, ” defined section manager André Hoddevik among the Agency for Public Management and as a result eGovernment (Difi). “The solution has more and better functionality both for those who create articles announcements, and for those who wish to buy for contracts. We believe this will feature increased user satisfaction. ”

Many users have already logged in to the new version of Doffin, and for most the service is useful. The upgrade has not yet resulted in being completed, however. The platform will get a little more functionality and guidance texts with the approval period, which lasts up till 1 April 2014.

Mr Hoddevik added: “It System.Drawing.Bitmap challenging to adopt new solutions, and as a result there has been much user feedback executed launch that has provided valuable 2222. We integrate this feedback throughout to our daily improvement process. ”

Users can reduce their cost to get translated announcements which will be wrote across the European Economic Area (EEA) through the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) website. In addition Difi has cheap the annual costs to operate finally the service.


Background Information:

Doffin is a compulsory nation wide service that facilitates the posting pointing to announcements related to procurement, concessions and as a result similar matters. The aims pointing to Doffin are to:

  • ensure that the market and the vendors have knowledge of procurements, thereby ensuring transparency and as a result competition for contracts;
  • forward announcements for publication to the TED website when necessary;
  • regulate the requirements for the announcements’ satisfied;
  • act as a nation wide collection point for the statistics while on the announcements.

Difi is responsible for Doffin on behalf of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and The fishing industry.

Further information:

  • Pioneering news article – Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) (in Norwegian)

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