NEVER ANY: Introduction of countrywide electronic medication register

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A Norwegian Medicines Agency has recently contributed to a new National Action Plan for eHealth 2014 , 2016 by launching a new national electronic medication register and new electronic unpleasant event reporting model.

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A electronic medication record gets better patient safety, you must making life easier for health care providers and as well , creating new websites in the prescription drug field. Reality tool System.Drawing.Bitmap prescribing dermatologists, practitioners and drugstores collect and update info on drugs enjoyed. Moreover, the pc allows each mens to have regarding his own prescription drug information.

A national electronic medication register will provide special elements:

  • Absolute, updated and attainable information on each patient’s drug use on the patients themselves and as well , health professionals who need it in the job.
  • Lower errors in rehabilitation by treating dermatologists and better an understanding of the drugs pertaining to the a person.
  • Chance for new electronic and as well , person-oriented pharmaceutical services composed of training, following, information, signal and subscription layouts.
  • Helpful opportunity for patients up to influence and take life time for their own treatment program.
  • An informed data on drugs and as well , drug use for vigor registers and administrative information.
  • A shortage of the necessity for prescriptions as the annual renewal to do with prescriptions for prolonged rehabilitation.

A national electronic medication register and the new hardware adverse event reporting model will build on a new infrastructure and standards founded through the ePrescription and as well , Patient Summary systems that is a first thing you want to do when the citizen’s flawless personal patient overview.

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  • Exceptional news article , Norwegian Medicines Business (in Norwegian)

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