NEO: Digital communication with citizens and additionally businesses becomes the general rule

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From 11 February 2014, eGovernment regulations have been changed so that the managing communicates digitally with citizens in the event the citizen chooses to leave of this.

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Previously managing had to request consent from the citizen to communicate digitally, and regularly sent out more than 125 million text letters on paper. The purpose of the change often to simplify communication with citizens and additionally businesses.

Jan Took Sanner, Minister of Local Government and additionally Modernisation, said: “We have very long filled tax returns online and signed in order to see the tax settlement. The are it change paves the way for more these online communication. For most people it means easier service, faster response and a improved overview of correspondence with the public. ”

He added: “Application of Internet-based communication is a gadget in the efforts to simplify function of the administration. Now public places will not need to seal and blast paper letters to residents which already users of public personal services. These resources can be used in other tasks. ”

My transition to digital communication should certainly proceed gradually and start with in case you are already digitally active. Citizens which are send digital letters will be advised via email or SMS. In the event an citizen has not logged into a criminal service network that uses our ID port, they will still will receive letters on paper.


In order to ensure that 140 with the administration will be safe and secure, at all times have been made to the eGovernment System. There is now a requirement that all business concerns that are subject to these regulations will unquestionably have a management system that describes our objectives and strategy for information protective measures. This control system shall be using recognised standards for such executive.

See more information inside difi. no and norge. not a on how to deal with the changes.

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