NL: New vision on the System of Administration Information

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On 4 March 2014, the ‘New Vision through the System of Government Information’ has been shared. This vision addresses the future of the entire Programme for Basic Registries Entire body (PSB) and provides direction for outlook developments in the field in view of the end through the current i-NUP programme (foreseen at the end of of 2014).

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Simple Registries System is a crucial part of the dactilar services of the Dutch government.

This component has evolved happens into an important pillar for increasing on quality government electronic services for folk and businesses on the one hand and possessing savings on public budget on the contrary.

In order to preserve large public interest, it is important to maintain and expand the Basic Registries System. New introduction are needed in order to improve the offer involving digital services. In addition , maintenance essential to assess whether some choices consumed in the past are still valid in the light and portable of recent developments.

In the context of ‘Exploring introduction of Basic Registries System near 2017”, work started on the associated with a new programme for Base Registries, to substitute the i-NUP software. The ‘New Vision of the Approach to Government Information’ just published stands out as the first step of this process.

The Vision Note was developed in accordance to interviews with PSB members.

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  • Original news story, newspaper article – Ministry of Interior to Kingdom Relations (in Dutch)
  • Document ‘New Vision through the System of Government Information’ (in Dutch)

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