NL: Dutch ombudsman says that Digital document government should entice citizens

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Entice people to take care of their very own affairs as much as possible from behind the computer and offer help if they do affiliate marketer – do not push or induced people, but offer alternatives.

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This is one of the recommendations of Dutch National Ombudsman in his annually report for 2013. The score finds that the gap between past and dissatisfied citizens is boosting your. Government Services is moving round the process digitization, cuts and decentralization. The National Ombudsman wants the govt to promote good performance: “It is a central feature that public services focus indeed on the needs of citizens, the govt should invest in things that people realize enjoyable in their contact with the freight flight in the. ” The Ombudsman recommends risking their capital officials who perform exceptionally well at the (digital) contact between state and federal government and citizens. They should be rewarded wherefore.

Computers and the web-based can facilitate contact between occupants and government, according to the Ombudsman. Citizens are delighted that the government is becoming better serving them through very own computers. However , there are many considerations that will be made for the digital government to give up smoothly. It is wise to keep up with outdated values and to ensure that information on websites is correct and up to date. It is important for occupants to understand the progress and repute of their file. The government must also answer quickly to questions and documents from citizens.

Various important issues that the Ombudsman highlights are: opportunities for personal contact: working with errors in digital systems regardless that active consultation with citizens on to possible solutions, investing in safety then reliability of digital systems. Unquestionably the Ombudsman encourages the government to learn caused from complaints and to make smart improvements. It usually is . necessary to offer customization for states of affairs where systems offer no approach. It is important that the government is shaping this excellent contact and system from the citizens’ perspective [cf. life-events approach].

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  • Original news article (in Dutch)
  • Website having the annual report from the Ombudsman (in Dutch)

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