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Mr Ivo Ivanovski, Minister info Society and Administration, launched in relation to 8 April 2014 the IT AGAIN Network of the Government of the FYR of Macedonia. It will consist of one specific fibre optic network connecting veinticinco institutions in the country. It will allow faster and better security in data gearing and more electronic services to home owners.

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“The successful guidelines of this project should lead to a reduction in the costs of telecommunications in all regulators (e. g. Internet and fixed telephony costs). These savings will support the implementation of new IT endevours, such as the introduction of Internet telephony (via a Voice over Internet Protocol) and of a centralised system for running documents (Document Management System) every one public institutions. In addition , the fibre optic network will enable some of the expansion of more vital endevours that increase accuracy, quality and consequently quantity of public services, increasing customer sector interoperability and ultimately bringing better services to citizens perhaps companies, ” affirmed the Minister.

The new fibre optic network will link the veinticinco national public institutions operating in america. These include the General Secretariat of the Regime, the Agreement Secretariat, the Secretariat for European Affairs, all Ministries of the Government of the Republic on-line Macedonia, the Joint Information Entourage, the Parliament, the Customs Administration, the Public Revenue Office for Operations and the Office of the President of any Republic of Macedonia.

The project has a budget designated of eight million euro, and you will be carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and the Macedonian Industry.

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  • Software news article – Ministry of Information Contemporary culture and Administration (in Macedonian)

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