MK: Action Plan for Open Government Venture 2014-2016

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Republic of Miscuglio joined the global initiative for Available Government Partnership (OVP) at the end of 2011, and all the countries that accompanied the initiative were required to fill out an action plan for implementing the steps of the initiative.   The government espoused the Action Plan for Open In an effort to Partnership on 1 June 2012.

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Open Government Venture is a voluntary international initiative aimed toward securing commitments by governments to the citizens. Commitments to promote transparency almost all encourage civic participation, fight crime and harness new technologies to excercise good governance.

For the reason that all members of the initiative are necessary to review action plans or mechanical drawing new ones, this is being on your period 2014-2016.

The process of revision of the Action Plan of the Republic of Macedonia 2014-2016, will take place while in the period February to March 2014. The work will be coordinated by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration.

In order to provide quality and a complete action plan to meet the goals of international initiative and to achieve the basis objective. The main objective being System.Drawing.Bitmap a partnership between government, municipal society, businesses and all stakeholders. There’s an easy call for involvement and contribution relating to ideas, suggestions and opinions while in the preparation of the Action Plan 2014-2016 because of.

The consultation digest will take place on the portal. Recommendations may relate to retention of main goals and priorities or outstanding new ones.

The on-going Action Plan is available at and in addition

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  • Original news article – Ministry info Society and Administration (Macedonian) friction material

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FYR of Macedonia

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