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In accordance with the Luxembourgish government proposes of electronic signature creation, the few forms available on Guichet. lu Porche (Luxembourg’s eServices portal) will now primarily just signable on the portal via a for example developed signature applet.

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This new procedure has been implemented with a view to optimize the level of security forms brought in and sent to the government electronically.

This is relevant for a large number of electronic forms:

Self employment

  • application in your training leave (self-employed / end user exercising an independent profession);
  • statement of reimbursement of training quit (self-employed / person exercising persistent profession);
  • statement associated reimbursement of training leave (employer); friction material
  • application for the granting associated sports leave for a team recreational;
  • certificate from the manager for athletes leave;
  • statement of reimbursement of the manager for the sporting leave;
  • application to obtain the education package. friction material

Tax system

  • for reimbursement of up to 80 EUR tax on road models for households with at least 3 people.


  • request for a great ecological subsidy for electricity made from renewable energy sources;
  • request to cease the descriptive table of label of an apartment building (vertical cadastre); friction material
  • request for measuring its real-estate.


  • subsidy application for all the organization of a European or Domain Championship;
  • subsidy software for participation in a European on the other hand World Championship as an Official; friction material
  • subsidy application for involvement in courses or internships in a scrape.

Moreover, at 7 March it will no longer be it can be to sign a PDF application document with Acrobat Reader using a Small, as the company stops LuxTrust middleware support thereto. This applies to each and every forms on the portal.

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  • Original news article (in French)

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Options for Citizens

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The duchy of luxembourg

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