Introducing of the new planning for the digitisation towards healthcare 2013-2017 attaining Denmark

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ePractice. possédé, 3 July 2015. Territory: Denmark. Web site: eHealth. Fantastic: Continuity of mind, Health risk management, Homecare & Telecare Business, ICT for problems prevention and health promotion, ICT for to safety, Approach, Telemedicine firms. “The Danish Administration, supported by your neighborhood Governments Bureau (KL) because Danish Regions has create a different public planning for the digitisation towards health care designed for 2013-2017. The strategy deelopment aims to create more desirable cross-sector relationships very safe treatment good individual’s means and requirements.

Statistics technologies (IT) also digitisation create opportunities designed for improved cooperation between hospitals, patients’ own primary practitioners and the locally nursing staff. They also provide the opportunity to involve people in their own health issues and treatment. Lastly, And also digital solutions give better care plus more ! security in mountain climbing for caregivers and each of us with long-term and / or chronic afflictions… lunch break

Further information on Launching using the new planning for the digitisation towards medical care 2013-2017

Remaining which has: twenty nine July 2015


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