THE SOFTWARE: National Agenda for the exploitation at public information

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2 – Summary:  

At the end of March 2014, the Agency for Digital Tuscany (L’Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale) specify the national agenda for writing more emphasis on public information for 2014. The Agenda was sent to the Prime Minister’s office for approval so subsequent publication, in line with the provisions at Article 52, paragraph 6, of Digital Administration Code (Codice dell’Amministrazione Digitale, CAD).

3 – Description:  

Burn off 2013, the agenda for 2014 will have a duration of one year simply because foreseen by the relative standards, so deals more broadly with the problems of utilisation and placing a great deal emphasis on government data, contemplating approaches related to databases of national hobby, the usability of data within banal administration through the system of standard conventions and that of increasing interest on the rewards of open data. This is good principles introduced by the reference typical, which are actually aimed at guiding the options of the public administration towards the drilling and release of ‘open data’.

The Agency’s routines are thus under way together with the aim of establishing guidelines for the écrasement of the value of public information, the magazine of which, in accordance with the conditions of hero worship set out in the Agenda, is projected by May 2014.

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Original news article – Interchange for Digital Italy (in Italian)

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Efficiency & Robustness, Benchmarking

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data reuse
open data


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