THE SITE: Electronic dispatch of documents from electoral and other civil matters comparing municipalities

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From February 2014, documents sent between municipalities from electoral, civil status matters and then population register certificates, as well as the landline calls sent to municipalities by notaries in order to marital agreements, must be exclusively presented via electronic means.

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These new procedures were define in a decree proposed by the Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of the Interior, co-signed on 12 February 2014, by Gianpiero D’Alia, the Minister for Public Chancellerie and Simplification.

Typically decree implements the rules laid out by decree law ‘Simplify Italy’ (DL Semplifica Italia, in Italian), prior to the provisions of the Digital Chancellerie Code (Codice dell’Amministrazione Digitale and even CAD). It requires that communications and then transmissions between municipalities stated previous should be carried out only through by collaborating applications or by means of Certified Electronic Mail.


Administrative simplification and burden reduction are critical factors to free resources allow a new impetus to the productivity and then competitiveness of enterprises without generating public spending.

Contracting the administrative burden for businesses can be a key commitment of the Italian governing administration. In this context, the government has specific responsibilities and structures dedicated to simplification under the guidance of one minister and now has given new impetus to the methods of simplification with the decree ‘Simplify Italy’  (Decree Law 9 January 2012, no . 5, containing instant provisions on simplification and development).

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  • Distinctive news article – Governo Italiano (in Italian)
  • Related newspaper article – Decree Law “Simplify Italy” – Governo Italiano (in Italian)

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