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A project of sociable media-based doctor’s consultation, started in 2009 by an Italian ophthalmologist having Milan, has recently completed its further phase. The project makes it possible for your potential patients to submit questions and receive in the event that from 17 different medical consultants from the San Camillo Hospital having Milan.

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The type of project consists of three phases getting to restore the doctor-patient relationship and even take it from impersonal to bidirectional. It also aims to create a balance to pick reactive treatment and preventive prescription drugs.

  The first exercise, also called the impersonal phase, concerns the use by the patients of a unique social media account (tweetsalute) to post health-related questions. During the second phase, its unidirectional one, using the social media password and a popular video-sharing platform, consultants record and disseminate videos relating to topics of prevention or look after health issues. The project will soon type its  third phase, the bidirectional phase, in which, through the instant messaging internet marketing social media marketing search engine optimazation account of tweetsalute, the collaborating doctors will be able to remotely communicate with your potential patients and provide their advice.

In order for patients to get an answer immediately, they should contact directly the internet marketing social media marketing search engine optimazation accounts of the participating specialists, a long list of which is found on the right-hand column of a tweetsalute webpage. Alternatively, a patient will be able post a comment on the tweetsalute social media account after which the tweetsalute team will analyse the wonders and direct them to the most suitable healthcare for the answer.

Also, it is possible for patients to attach a photograph behind, for example , a clinical report, laboratory test or x-ray to their blogposts.

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  • Original newspaper article – Technomedicina. it (in Italian)
  • Tweetsalute website (in Italian)

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