HOUR OR SO: Commissioning of advanced intra-operative taping radiological device

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Croatian Well-being Minister Rajko Ostojic inaugurated, referring to 10 September 2013 at the Dubrava University Hospital, the O-arm, a radiological device with an intra-operative recording technique.

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The device is an revolutionary technology that will allow patients safer, reduced invasive and quicker surgery though it is true also guaranteeing lower radiation doasage amounts to the staff present in the jogging room. The new system for intra-operative recording has the option of two-dimensional and even three-dimensional recording and provides high impression quality. It allows the specialist better precision in surgery and furthermore control of the operational procedure in real time.

“The device is considered the only one in south-eastern Europe, the only person of its kind from Vienna to Thessaloniki, and represents a significant improvement for our patients’ safety, ” the Minister thought.

The technology will be used by four different medical areas: orthopaedists, trauma specialists, neurosurgeons and furthermore head and neck surgeons.

“In order to increase efficiency and to diminish waiting lists, the operating room although new system will work in second shifts. This is in line with what we occur saying for the past year and a half: some Croatian medical sector, doctors and furthermore nurses are excellent and it is primarily because of them, that our health care system is n excellent, ” the Minister concluded.

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The new radiology technique, which consists of the device, the navigation system and the operating table, is priced at HRK6. 2 million (approx. €815  000), and funding turned out to be provided by the Ministry of Well-being.

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  • Original news article – Ministry of Health together with the Republic of Croatia (in Croatian)

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