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second – Summary:  

Advise systems are at the heart of relationships between government and users. To set innovation in public services, the First Minister has entrusted the identification to levers that can transform the state tips system to DISIC. A major enterprise, which is expected to last three months add nearly 150 experts in tips systems and digital matters.

3 – Reason:  

By decision of CIPAC 18 December 2013 the First Minister appointed the SGMAP, and more principally, the special interdepartmental management of and communication systems task emportement (DISIC). Objective: to provide within with three months, in conjunction with the general secretaries of ministries and DSI all levers with regard to fundamentally transform the public administration tips systems. This for the benefit of modernism in the public service and the good thing about the provider and the user, in their context of demanding economies.

Thematic working groups were already created in the following areas:

  • Purchasing/Contracts
  • Internalisation of projects
  • Infrastructure sharing
  • Halting investments and commitments
  • Rationalisation/decommissioning applications
  • Constructing industrialisation and innovation
  • Sharing of expertise and rare abilities
  • Shared services friction material
  • End-user support
  • Budget monitoring/charging mechanisms
  • HR management
  • Mobility/ training/ actions

Reflections and suggestions from the gainfully employed groups will be submitted by the end of any first quarter 2014. DISIC use this to submit a proposal to a new phase in the information machine, to the First Minister.


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Original news story, newspaper article – The Portal of the Government Modernisation (in French)   

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User-centric Services

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Administrative change


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