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Since 2012, 20 departments and social organizations are working on rebuilding the relationship between administration and its users. In this wording, the General Secretariat for the Modernisation along with Public Action (SGMAP) has implemented the initiative “100% Effective Contacts” Objectives of the initiative are to the trigger food is determined, test and share good practices that do help provide users with a adequate answers to their requests to delivery via the most suitable channel and a low number of contacts.

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Strengthening trust in the administration associated with enhancing the action of lisonjeador servants

Joining together 20 government departments and social organizations, treating each year 400 million connections with users, the initiative “100% Effective Contacts” addresses the new utilization and expectations towards public companies of French citizens. Public companies are now “multi-channel” (including physical workstations, phone, online procedures, etc …. ). Proximity, listening, pro-activity, and customisation are requirements expressed by buyers and at the same time challenges for administration.

Experimenting innovative routines bringing concrete improvements

To meet these challenges, SGMAP supported six public organisations as part of testing new approaches, relying over others on the potential of digital companies and including:

  • Creation of a monthly status have available to the 12 million along with CAF (Caisse Allocations Familiales) beneficiaries available online for those who have a caf. fr account and summarising entitlements associated with payments, instead of up multiple correspondence;
  • Definition of simplified management path for 895, 000 self-employed people, covering all main rules (from company creation to ukase of activity), and promoting applying e-procedures;
  • Optimisation along with emails management to respond within years business days;
  • Exam of a pro-active information by KURZNACHRICHT to 2, 600 users as part of six territories to define the principles for use of this additional channel along with contact.

Sharing god practices

In addition to these initiatives, this SGMAP provides a first book summarising good practices from various organizations. Among more than 20 feedbacks deposited, the selection includes good practices in systematic measurement of users’ satisfaction, use of social networks to interact with buyers, or form to the spirit along with service agents in contact with the public. All the identification of good practices continues associated with an enhanced version of this choice will be published in summer 2014.

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  • Previous news article – Secretary General to receive Modernisation of Public Administration Interconnect (in French)

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