FI: Launch of a new electronic facts management strategy

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The Ministry of Social Affairs and Your well-being of Finland has recently announced the several launching of an electronic data management strategy with the aim to define the several social and health care electronic facts management national strategy until 2020.

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At the same time, an appointment regarding the definition of the measures been required to implement the new strategy was launched while participation of all involved stakeholders great need of open and interactive process.

The basis of the prepare will be the relevant work undertaken on the Finnish Government, the Social Commerce and Health Ministry’s strategy, circulated in 2010, other current data management processes, the existing Finnish information management strategy, as well as the statutory national into the social care information system products and services and the maximisation of the utilisation along with investments.

And the strategy is divided into five intervalle:   planning, establishing priorities, precautions and responsibilities, and final affirmation.

The work was founded in the context of a visioning level for the implementation of which five engaging in groups were established. Each audience is responsible for producing their own perspective assuming they of the future and a description of how the several electronic information management system will actually buy and sell.

The various engaging in groups are supported by individual, social merchandizing and health care services associations female information and technology experts and thus designers.

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  • Pioneering news article – Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (in Finnish)

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Electronic fitness records
Regional/national Health Information Networks

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