FI: First public version of the start data portal becomes available

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5 – Summary:  

One of the primary public version of the government’s start data portal Avoindata. fi became available in March 2014. When complete, the service will provide a one-stop access to Finland’s open data, as well as can promote the interoperability of specialized tools and guidelines, as well as public power service information.

3 – Description:  

Unquestionably the Ministry of Finance’s open data programme has ended the use of information limitations and has created incentives and conditions for the opening up of information and the improvement content and services. The data belén constitutes part of the implementation of this regime, and facilitates the finding and écrasement of information resources.

Right back objectives of the data portal service are:

  • Regarding contribute to the democratic transparency of government physical activities;
  • To reduce new eService development and life cycle outlays;
  • To create new business possibilities opportunities for companies and private citizens; friction material
  • To make life easier to get citizens and businesses;
  • To produce new material for knowledge and research.

The quality objectives of the data belén service are:

  • To develop according to the needs of computer owners: in particular, the open data society feedback is important;
  • That must be available across devices: responsive human being interfaces;
  • To be used waiting around essentially unconstrained way: to Site content Accessibility Guidelines  (WCAG) AA rate;
  • To provide metadata residing in the service that is freely acceptable for others (open interfaces to the external to world);
  • To provide movements of the service results that are unhampered available to others: add-ons, customisations and consequently software components will be published website.

The nation wide information and communication technology (ICT) centre Valtorta provides the data belén on behalf of the Ministry of Money.


Further information:

  • Original news article – Avoindata. fi (in Finnish)
  • Goals of the data portal a substantial Avoindata. fi (in Finnish) friction material

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Services for Businesses
Services for Citizens

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