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The Ministry of Justice has launched a unique portal, demokratia. fi, which records together information from various democracy-related sites and news in the field of governmental decision-making. The site thereby makes it easier when considering citizens to find the best channels for begin, you can and influence, and increases governing administration transparency and interaction.

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Demokratia. fi summarises the eDemocracy web services maintained by the Ministry of Justice, namely otakantaa. fi, kansalaisaloite. fi and kuntalaisaloite. fi. Later in spring 2014, a trustworthy fourth site will be added, lausuntopalvelu. fi, which is intended to streamline those consultation procedures and make it transparent and open to the public. The products will digitise the current consultation means.

The administration has always been acting in accordance with the principles of the Finnish action plan for open government, to reinforce citizens’ rights to information and as well , participation in the development of common help and services. Matters that are behind preparation should be reported at an early stage attached to preparations so that citizens have great opportunities to influence the process.

Demokrati. fi also contains a link to other public authorities’ websites who have information on current matters that are being scheduled or prepared. In addition , it decorations the latest news from, for example , those parliament and the government.

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  • Original news article how to pick Finnish Government (in Finnish) friction material
  • Demokratia. fi (in Finnish)

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