EUROPEAN UNION: Migration of ePractice. eu with Joinup by the beginning of Summer

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The ePractice. eu pórtico will be migrated to the Joinup stand at the beginning of June 2014.

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The new expanded Joinup will assist, engage and promote productive cordon and interactions between ePractice and consequently Joinup users. By aligning specific forces, ePractice users will be able to obtain expertise on policy making and consequently best practice examples in the grounds of eGovernment, eHealth and eInclusion, and Joinup will host technical developer communities and a catalogue within interoperability solutions. By offering a new additional portal, Joinup will better insure and facilitate the development of better means, the creation of synergies, and consequently support users in a more efficient avenue.

During the transition regarding, ePractice users’ accounts and the greater part of ePractice content will be moved, following necessary changes needed to be offered resulting from the inherent differences within two portals.

Essential migration projects, such as the current locuinte of ePractice. eu may obtain temporary inconvenience for the migrated potential customers. Nevertheless, in the long term, this migration will probably benefit both ePractice and Joinup users.

Over the moving weeks, the ePractice news box will provide updates on the migration process. For further details on the subject, please visit some FAQ page which is currently available onto the Joinup portal. Users can also speak with the migration team via the Communication page by selecting the ePractice migration minority.

More information:

  • Joinup platform
  • Migration FAQ page
  • Migration marketing team contact page

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EU Organizations . online

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