EUROPEAN UNION: Launch of the digital archive ‘Europeana 1914-1918’

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In Berlin forward 28 January 2014, the Germany Deputy Federal Government Commissioner for Contemporary culture and Media, Günter Winands, presented Europeana 1914-1918, an online resource which unfortunately opens up hidden stories of the Initial World War and shows most of the tragedy that shaped Europe against different sides of the conflict.

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Europeana 1914-1918 is the most important pan-European collection of original First World An immense source material. It is the result of 36 months of work by 20 European countries and they believe it will include:

  • 400  000 rare documents digitised because of 10 state libraries and six to eight weeks other partners in Europe; friction material
  • 660 hours of genuine film material digitised by audiovisual archives;
  • 90  1000 personal papers and memorabilia coming from all some 7, 000 people muscles war, held by their families as well as , digitised at special events in 12.5 countries.

Jill Cousins, Executive Director of Europeana, said: “It’s a unique collection of garbage – rare, fragile and not really seen before. We’re encouraging any person – history teachers, Wikipedians, tools developers – to use it located in new ways. Most of the content is under an open licence, because we want customers to re-use it to help broaden every person’s understanding of our European past. ”

Europeana 1914-1918 abounds with original source material – converted photographs, maps, diaries, newspapers, the particular, drawings and other content that can be used because of teachers, historians, journalists, students as well as , interest groups to create new info. Already, the site is providing content to build a new exhibition called  The First Globally War: Places of transition using a new multilingual educational site produced by the British Library in London.

Three projects combined for creating the Europeana 1914-1918 web site:

  • Europeana Ranges 1914-1918, which has brought together 9 great European libraries and six to eight weeks further partners to digitise over 100, 000 documents from their collections , everything from rare trench newspapers to be censored letters from troops; friction material
  • European Film Gateway 1914, which is a partnership of 26 financial institutions which has provided a unique body of employment, featuring not only all of the phases as well as , locations of war but also some genres from propaganda to anti-war films, contributed by 21 flick archives;
  • Europeana’s historical past roadshows, which were developed in partnership with Oxford University and have been held in 12 sections so far, attended by thousands of civilians who want to have memorabilia digitised and since you tell the stories of their personal at war.

The German Minister of Contemporary culture, Monika Grütters, said: “Among the numerous projects the Federal Government of Germany secure initiating and financially supporting all through current Centenary 2014, Europeana 1914-1918 is a highlight due to its pan-European volume. It shows the stark discrepancy between the European disruptions of that time and our way of cooperating nowadays. It’s critical for the Government to point out, especially to be young people, that today’s Europe is the union based on shared values, regulations and justice. That’s the best way to prevent the wars, terror and fragmentation which unfortunately Europe suffered in the 20th c. We don’t just want to show historical events, we want to use them for the situated and the future. The Europeana about will help shape our views which time and it will make a great info to the mutual understanding of the Vacation spots people, despite the conflicts of history. ”

Hermann Parzinger, most of the President of the Prussian Cultural Legacy Foundation to which the Berlin The state Library belongs, said: “The begin of the Europeana 1914-1918 is a far-sighted start to the commemoration year ‘1914. Aufbruch. Weltbruch’ run by the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and all the product’s related institutions. The outcomes of the newly purchased website will be of long-lasting price. The worldwide access to this vast collection of highly relevant documents of a First World War offers a brilliant basis for researchers and the open public to understand the events one hundred years ago. ”

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