WESTERN EUROPEAN: ‘euandi’ voting advice application declared for EU elections

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Typically the Europe-wide voting advice application (VAA) ‘euandi’, created for everyone interested in this European Parliament elections, was launched to do with 22 April 2014. It makes it feasible the users across Europe to compare your political preferences with 242 persons running for the European Parliament to do with 25 May 2014.

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euandi is the first social VAA ever developed. It aims at that needs to citizens make an informed choice involved in the 2014 European Parliament (EP) selections. Available in 24 languages, euandi encourages users to react to 28 way statements covering a wide range of contemporary way issues and political values appearing in European politics, as well as to two way statements specific to the user’s national political context.

Put together by the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy, euandi offers you voters with a clear view inside European electoral campaign and their actual positions within it. Not only does this tool help people identify which community parties represent their views, and in addition provides an innovative platform for nearby building, where people from across Europe can connect with each other centered around their political views. The tool’s highly effective scientific background and its innovative sem features make it interesting not only to most people, but also to academics, experts in addition to the policy makers.

“Unlike the previous voting advice applications, EUANDI is more tightly integrated with internet marketing, enabling the users to share their community profile via Facebook, compare your political positions with other users you may they wish, create social media collections based on political preferences, ” stated a co-leader of the Estonian downline, Kristjan Vassil, postdoctoral fellow in Institute of Government and Politics in University of Tartu.

The predecessor of EUANDI involved in the 2009 European Parliament elections been recently EU-Profile, the first Europe-wide voting counsel application of its kind.

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  • Original news article – Eu University Institute
  • System.Drawing.Bitmap news article – University of Tartu

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