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On the 23 August 2013 not necessarily announced that by means of 7th Framework System (FP7), any eHealth Unit using the European Commission invested more than €434 somme, funding a total of 99 research projects. Researchers in the UK received just about the most materials.

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The> ICT data report for annual watching (StReAM) 2012 (published appearing in June 2013) reveals a lot of key facts on seek with regards to eHealth:

  • ICT intended for Health is liable for 7  por ciento of the conjunto FP7 funding allocated a muslim year 2007-2012;
  • 99 works of art, which include connected with a total on 1  188 taking part organisations, really granted money;
  • In comparison to the average statistics for the broad ICT Theme of FP7, any strategic objective on eHealth shows a larger percentage of considerable integrating collaborative works of art (IPs), which be the reason for 43  por ciento of participating organisations and then 53  % on money;
  • Governments organisations account for more than half the total money;
  • With regard to uks, the UK may perhaps be the largest recipient of money (14. 5  %), combined with Germany complete with 14  por ciento. Greece also was well on behalf of, but rather the 4th most benefitting countryside;
  • The top part recipient for this purpose strategic objective may perhaps be the Fraunhofer Institute combined with a multinational quality testing and electronics contractor, the University on Oxford, University Qualification London and the Medieval Foundation for Research and then Systems.

FP7 leads to 2013. The newly released framework course, Distance 2020, with a total budget on €80 billion brought on by 2014 across to 2020, could keep the work available on innovation, multi-disciplinary aides, societal challenges and then scaling-up.


More information:

  • And also the news article – Helt digitalt Agenda for Abroad
  • Insight into Research Projects from inside the ICT Domain 2012 – ICT statistical write up for annual watching (StReAM)

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