FUE: More than 1 million patients in the Community of Madrid have access to ePrescibing

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The President of the Autonomous Neighborhood of Madrid, Ignacio Gonzalez, reported at the end of September 2013, that the ePrescribing system (eReceta) is available in 324 pharmacies, 44 health centres and 149 clinics throughout the region, while virtual prescriptions will be implemented in all pharmacies in the second half of 2014.

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Simply because the pilot began, in March this, 1  559  119 orders was made and 805 931 medications fulfilled. The system can be used by 935 doctors and 765 pharmacists in your community and 140  637 patients have formerly benefited from eReceta. The rendering of the system is being carried out as part of phases: in November 2012, firstly phase began with the use of ePrescribing in a small set of health centres and, as part of March 2013, the second phase added further more centres. The deployment of the other phase will begin in the last quarter associated 2013 and end in the first component of 2014, at which time virtual prescriptions will be available in 292 colleges across the Community, except the capital This town, and will be used by more than three contenance inhabitants of the region. The last a muslim for primary care, which covers town of Madrid, is scheduled to second half of 2014, at the end of understanding that 127 health centres that provide medicare to 3  109  265 inhabitants will have fully mastered the ePrescribing system.

The type of ePrescribing system works as follows: with the health centre, the patient will present its doctor with their Health Card, indeed enabling the latter to access their health background and update their medication. If a dogged receives medication in order to treat steady disease and does not require special watching, a single electronic prescription may be issued for a whole year’s treatment. To ensure that patients to be able to be informed and keep associated with their medication , a ‘medication sheet’ or ‘treatment plan’ will also be issued. Afterwards, the patient will present their nicely card at any of the pharmacies within the area, where they will get the treatment plans prescribed by their doctor.

The wider implementation associated ePrescribing will reduce consultations understanding that merely provide prescriptions for steady patients, enabling doctors to spend this moment improving patient care, while hours spent on the administrative process of medications will be reduced.

The implementation of the system happens to be coordinated by the Chamber of Pharmacists of the Community of Madrid and also has been possible thanks to an overzealous training programme, developed individually as part of each of the health centres, consisting of on-site and online training sessions. An informative guide book is available in all health centres creating eReceta, and on the   nicely portal of the region for patients’ information on medication.

*Original article in Spanish published within a Health Portal of the Autonomous Neighborhood of Madrid. Translation performed of your ePractice Editorial Team.


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  • Original news article – Getting Portal of the Autonomous Community associated Madrid (in Spanish)
  • Health Portal of the Autonomous Neighborhood of Madrid – Information on Prescribed medicines (in Spanish)

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