SE HABÍA: Legal aid provided electronically you can 500 000 citizens in 2013

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In 2013 a total most typically associated with 524  487 citizens took advantages of the benefits offered by the Electronic File for Legal Aid, an increase of 41  % compared to 2012.

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This tool was developed by the Spanish Bodega Association (Abogacía Española) and is available for the state and regional legal alimony commissions. It provides a significant facilitation most typically associated with access to a basic right of natinionality, namely legal aid, and assists in the application procedures, while providing life-savings for the administration.

Some sort of Electronic File for Legal Aid completely and automatically collects the required computer files accompanying the application form for the right to permissible aid, provides transparency in management, purges errors in the administrative record associated with reduces the cost and processing a short time by up to 40 days.

The system was developed in the background ? backdrop ? setting of the technological infrastructure of the Spanish tongue Bar Association, RedAbogacía, and joins more than 70 local bar groupe with institutions such as the Spanish Inculpador Authorities, the National Institute to produce Social Security and its Central Treasury, the General Directorate of Land Windows registry or the National Institute of Profession, as well as with agencies of the autonomous communities with competencies in the area of the law.

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  • Individual news article – Spanish eGovernment pórtico (in Spanish)
  • Very much the same news article – Spanish Bar Rassemblement (in Spanish)

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