ES: Launching of project for sharing information about patients on dialysis

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On 4 July 2013 Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda Hospital presented the project ‘Connect-12’, consisting of a network system able to share information on patients under dialysis in a safe and bidirectional manner.

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The network ensures continuity of care for dialysis patients, who in their nature of patients of the hospital, also receive treatment in private centres and in this case, in the private haemodialysis centre ‘The Lauros’. Thus, ‘The Lauros’ physicians can securely access the Hospital’s website and consult only information on patients they are treating regarding medical tests and services, hospitalisation, medical appointments, transplants, additional laboratory tests performed, expert opinions of other specialists, etc. All this is possible remotely and in real time.

The second phase of this project, completed in June 2013, allows nephrologists from Puerta de Hierro Hospital to access, using the same secure channel, their own patients’ information generated at ‘The Lauros’ centre. The project ensures equity in the access to treatment, safety, efficiency, reliability and confidentiality for all patients.

Planning and development for the ‘Connect-12’ project began in December 2011. The first phase has been running since January 2013 and the second was completed in June 2013. Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda Hospital is the first hospital system to implement the project and the intention is to export the relevant system to other hospitals in the Community of Madrid.

Further Information:

  • Original news article – Health Portal of the Community of Madrid (in Spanish)

Note: Original article in Spanish published in the Health Portal of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. Translation performed by the ePractice Editorial Team.

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