EE: Large increase in the use of eHealth body in Estonian healthcare

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Into September 2013, following the release to do with statistical data, Social Affairs and eHealth Minister, Taavi Rõivase declared that the greater use of eHealth systems assists in the exchange of information between doctors, contributes patient care and promotes if the involvement in healthcare.

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eHealth research shows that since the beginning of the year of 2010, eHealth system documents are being submitted and viewed at a growing price, and this growth has been accelerating. For instance , the number of electronic health records (EHR) inquiries grew from mid-2010 in which to August 2013 by nine working days. The number of queries will continue to come together with the increase in the number of documents peut sentir – to the end of August this year 2 . 3 million business were transmitted, which is 25  100 more than the same period in 2012.

“An eHealth system is designed to enhance and speed up generally the exchange of information between doctors, ” said Mr Rõivase. “It will allows the patient to have a more consolidated view of their health records, and will significantly contribute to improving the quality of feel bothered. A comprehensive database can in practice a big doctors’ treatment decisions. The locating of basic health data during patient summaries motivates the present addition of more detailed data, ” concluded Mr Rõivase.

Patients’ activity during reviewing their own health data will increased in 2012. In December 2012 cellular phone views totalled 62  575, a rise of 20  000 in just three months. In 2012, 96  % of all prescriptions were made digitally, which illustrates just how the Estonian population has fully appreciated the new eHealth opportunities.

The Minister also specified that he believes the increase in the application of eHealth technology is due to the ease and rapidity of transfer to do with eHealth data, for example , from relatives members doctors to a centralised system. But what also is due to the revamping of the Estonian if the portal. Another reason is the excellent relationship and successful transfer of data from the Estonian Hospitals’ Association, the Estonian Society of Family Doctors, generally the National Health Insurance Fund and other loved ones involved in the healthcare network.

eHealth systems of the future during Estonia will focus on further development  of user support, increasing the pace of the various applications and information unit interfacing, as well as providing added selling price to users such as by offering research and decision-support solutions.


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