DK: Progressiion of the new plan for the digitisation regarding medical related 2013-2017

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I would say the Danish Government, supported by the Local Governments Association (KL) and the Danish Regions has recently developed new public plan for the digitisation regarding health care with 2013-2017. The schedule aims to create more youthful cross-sector relationships and safe treatment while using individual’s finances and requirements.

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Data technologies (IT) and even digitisation create opportunities with improved cooperation between and also, patients’ own overall practitioners and the home nursing staff. They also provide opportunities to involve seniors in their own malady and treatment. And finally, IT and digital solutions furnish better care and security security in existence for caregivers and the wonderful with long-term potentially chronic sickness.

I would say the strategy presented inside of new plan creates a common, restricting and ambitious course with future work on the digitisation of healthcare possesses 22 specific goals to be implemented basically 2017.

Could be an online funding from the parties involved, the Government should certainly allocate practically DKK  80  hel million (approx. €10. sieben million) for the at start the of the new schedule, using DKK  75  hel million (approx. €10  million) for fresh purchases of telemedicine.

On the list of strategy’s short-term essential objectives might be:

  • Overly full use of IT Efforts spaces (EPJ) inside of regions right at the end regarding 2014 and achievement regarding goals regarding IT structure and support for central workflows inside of municipalities right at the end regarding 2014, relying on clear alerts.
  • Overly full use of the Usual Medications Card inside of regions right at the end of 2012 and full deployment System.Drawing.Bitmap municipalities right at the end regarding 2014 for it to be alble is to be full end results at all levels basically medium 2015.
  • Guidance of digital communication concerning healthcare partners through full make use of MedCom messages right at the end regarding 2014.
  • Steady deployment regarding telemedicine, while using overall country’s program.
  • Using of Common Language 3 in all municipalities basically 2017.

I would say the Danish Minister of Effectively Astrid Krag announced: “Healthcare experts have been working for several years to settle on and test that solutions. We’ve got the present IT solutions that we know work and even our aim represents these technologies the very best popular to be used correctly for this reason affected men, their families and even medical staff of healthcare system to watch how ‘active listening’ will digitisation. The revolutionary strategy will rule regions and cities to engage in the implementation of existing and efficient IT solutions accept us to follow by means of the digitisation regarding health services. yeah

Up-to-the-minute data consistency in condition processes and better information are key prerequisites way to efficient maintain the individual homeowner in an overall interlocked healthcare system. I would say the digitisation plan is normally implemented as a part of absolute strategy for Digital Continued survival of the Danish Fed government. As the induction of the strategy takings, the Danish Parts of and Local Governments should certainly contribute to the function of additional targets with digitisation efforts basically 2017.

More information:

  • Special news article choosing Danish Ministry of Effectively (in Danish)
  • Associated with ePractice Library answer: “DK: Nationally strategy for the digitisation of medical related 2013-2017”

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