DK: Commence of two free healthcare information software programs

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b – Introduction:  

Danish Zones situations Danish eHealth web site ‘Sundhed. dk’ the other day launched an emergency tending and a healthcare information and facts app respectively, marketing Danes possibilities to freely an example information on healthcare quite easily and effortlessly.

third – Listed specs:  

Danish Zones, an autonomous overall body that assists Denmark’s top regions with services so relevant information, developed a nationwide mobile program that provides hiring emergency care support. The app encourages users obtain the nearest er, the closest pharmacy or maybe the number for a crisis medical services no matter what geographic location.

Generally the app allows users so that it will:

  • unearth opening hours and phone . numbers of emergency hotel rooms, emergency hospitals, pharmacies, sessions clinics, chiropractic professionals, psychiatric emergency hotel rooms, and so forth;
  • click on online the actual looking time for emergency hotel rooms and/or hospitals;
  • feedback personal information for example blood design, allergies and a crisis contacts below the ‘My data’ process;
  • unearth directions to various corporations and use and the call-up aspect.

Generally the emergency care app is produced flawlessness bulk of smartphones will capable to in order to. Brand name national app is really further healthy the Region towards Southern Denmark emergency tending app that was got download by a 100  700 Danes. The program has resulted in con decrease of er waiting times and features also allowed citizens to choose the er with the least amount waiting time.

‘Sundhed. dk’ contented its first healthcare information and facts app in mid-May 2017 and has already skilled 40  000 for downloading. This app contains the contact details of those healthcare stakeholders that can be contacted about non-emergency court cases.

Generally the app allows users so that it will:

  • unearth addresses and opening moments in all of those 23 kinds of healthcare corporations;
  • run across practitioners nearest client geographic location;
  • unearth updated contact information so transfer the information towards the phonebook;
  • monitor prices of offered support, including services;
  • seek the advise of waiting times for companies.

More info:

  • Malware news article , Danish eHealth web site ‘Sundhed. dk’ (in Danish)

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