DK: A good start for Udbetaling Danmark

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Udbetaling Danmark (Payments Denmark) is essentially functioning well over a year after the great new authority was put into operation. This is one of the conclusions of a joint market evaluation, which is nearing completion.

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Udbetaling Danmark’s transition keen on operation has been successful and has gone on time due to the close cooperation connecting Udbetaling Danmark and municipalities. We all have managed to get the IT systems so data from 98 municipalities to hand and migrated around 1, 1000 employees. Finally, the new authority is just on right track achieve the monetary climate savings of almost 300 million DKK per year, which will be realized no later-on than 2015.

Udbetaling Danmark, among other things, pay pensions so housing benefit, expect to pay out approximately. 200 billion DKK to approximately. 3 million beneficiaries in 2014. Based on the evaluation, it is generally the experiencing that people get a satisfactory service, and therefore employees are satisfied with their great new employer.

The overview shows, however , that there is still freedom for improvement, for example in the division of labor between Udbetaling Danmark so municipalities. There have been individual cases regulations people have experienced problems – inside Udbetaling Danmark guidance on matters plant life municipal management, requiring the person to present themselves in person. However , happily your prayers strong focus on ensuring that people take advantage of the necessary help and victims inside system.

The overview also shows that there is a need to a little more develop cooperation in the new restaurant efforts to combat fraud. This particular municipalities’ local knowledge and closeness to the citizen and Udbetaling Danmark’s access to and ability to merge registry-data is not yet fully utilized. Nevertheless , there are signs of improvement in the assistance.

The evaluation is just rooted in a common public guiding committee with representatives from the Condition and Local and was conducted with September 2013 to February 2014. There is a complete draft of the overview of Udbetaling Danmark, which has been emitted upon request. The Steering Committee for the evaluation still needs to be done ? complete the evaluation and the draft hasn’t yet been dealt with politically.

In extension of the overview, an analysis has been initiated inside possibility of centralising more tasks exposed to Udbetaling Danmark, including sickness solutions and economic scholarship. The homework carried out in collaboration with KL, and work is currently underway.

Both the evaluation and the potential analysis will be part of an overall evaluation basis for the negotiations on city finances for 2015.


History: (Danish) see “Kort om Udbetaling Danmark”


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