DE: Work on ‘Digital Agenda Germany’ starts

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During its meeting on 6 June 2013, the IT Planning Council gave the green light for work on the ‘Digital Agenda Germany’ to begin.

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A study showing the potential of digital technologies in Germany based on empirically approved trends will serve as a basis for the strategy document. Action areas such as digital and media literacy, as well as cross-cutting issues such as the required infrastructure and IT security should be examined with respect to federal IT management.

“With the Digital Agenda Germany expanded, the IT Planning Council focuses on the challenges of a digital society and makes recommendations on how to approach it best,” explains Franz Josef Pschierer, the 2013 chairman of the IT Planning Council and IT Representative of the Bavarian State Government. “The positive experience the Bavarians gained with the ‘Digital Bavaria – Bavaria’s digital future strategy 2020’ can also be transferred to the whole of Germany.”

As a further contribution to the ‘Digital Agenda Germany’, the IT Planning Council has consistently advocated to develop other areas of application for the new ID card at federal and state level.

One of the main tasks of the ‘Digital Agenda Germany’ is to improve cooperation between the different levels of government in the IT sector. The IT Planning Board discussed the interim results of a federal / state working group on this issue during the meeting.

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  • Original News Article – Ministry of Interior (in German)

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