EJERCITACION: Use and coverage of one hundred fifteen continues to increase

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The use and as well as coverage of the authorities number one hundred fifteen (Behördennummer 115, in German) continual, continuous, nonstop to increase in 2013. The number of texts message or calls rose by 67. 2  hundred percent compared to 2012, it is now available to 1 / 3 of the German population, and new-fangled services are being provided through it.

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The 4th conference available for participants of 115 took place attached to 10 April in the City Public in Dresden. Representatives from the cities, states and federal authorities using 115 met to take the stock trading of developments of 2013, to allow them to unburden the Steering Committee so as to discuss developments of the 115 at long last.

The IT associated with the Federal Government, State Secretary Cornelia Rogall-Grothe, said: “We all have handled issues courageously, we have brought one hundred fifteen to life and introduced it to the authorities, optimised processes, assured experience, further developed the service to make it well-known. With success! The last of the population can choose 115 right. 115 has established itself as a brand for administrative modernisation and is well-known to over fifty percent of the population. ”

In her capacity as Adirondac of the Steering Committee Ms Rogall-Grothe presented figures from the Annual Send out 2013. By the end of 2013, an overall total of 60 cities, states and as well as municipalities had introduced 115, not to mention for example , the state capitals of Stuttgart and Potsdam. Several states have also taken steps in 2013 to develop the 115 service to cover women state. For example , Saarland plans like a first federal state to connect one hundred fifteen throughout. Schleswig-Holstein is committed to appealing new subscribers to the 115 composite nationwide through taking over the costs. Ground breaking pilot projects for a comprehensive gain access to were initiated in 2013 alongside two pilot schemes in Hessen and Berlin.

Those IT representative of the Free Assert of Saxony, State Secretary Dr Wilfried Bernhardt, explained the able to strategy of Saxony. He expressed: “I am delighted to greeting the members of the conference people in Dresden today. Because within the Free State of Saxony, we have made good progress within the introduction of the authorities number one hundred fifteen in the past few years. Thus, it can already be employed 1 . 3 million Saxon home owners. Our next goal is to put together 115 throughout Saxony. ”

The number of calls continues to climb. In the municipalities participating in 115, charge calls have increased by 67. 2  % compared to 2012. Gradually, the services under the 115 will be increased on their own initiative. Municipalities and these kind of use the 115 in order to optimise unique individual portfolio in the field of civil facility. In Berlin and many other municipalities anybody can arrange appointments with the authorities. Those district of Lippe supplements one hundred fifteen with an educational hotline. With the ‘Dreckweg’ app, Dresden citizens can high pollution in the urban area whenever you need it with a smartphone. Chemnitz and others turn to 115 for information on the winter path maintenance.

In the Oldenburg service centre, the service centre agents fill in subsidised housing requirements together with the citizens. In addition , new p2p channels and streams for 115 are opening up. As a, at CeBIT in March, we’ll discuss trade fair samples of a one hundred fifteen app were presented.

Background Information:

By dialling 115, home owners, businesses and public administration possess a direct connection to authorities in Deutch – regardless of the government level engaged. 115 is the public administration’s customer service network.

What started in yr with a few municipalities has developed into the facility standard of many German authorities. The thing is to introduce this service inside the course of Germany.

The one hundred fifteen service is open Monday to allow them to Friday from 08: 00 to eighteen: 00. When a request is made, currently the caller will receive feedback within day, feedback will be sent within day by email, fax or name, depending on the caller’s preference. 115 is usually referred to as from landline telephones at the neighboring rate, making it free for participants with flat rates.

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