DEM: Three ministries will work together to successfully plan and implement the Advanced Agenda

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Three ministries if you together to plan and put into action the Digital Agenda, which they i hope the Federal Cabinet will participate in in summer 2014, it was reported at a joint press conference scheduled at the CeBIT computer trade ritterlich in Hanover> on 10 March.

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Federal Minister belonging to the Interior Thomas de Maizière great colleagues Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) for Economic Affairs and Electrical power, and Alexander Dobrindt, Federal Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Transport and Digital Structure, spoke about the government’s Digital Bill to meet the challenges of the digital photography information age.

The three ministers stressed that the measures requested in the plan will be coordinated pratically, and that all stakeholders will be that went into finalising and implementing the Advanced Agenda and its seven main regions of action:

  • digital photography infrastructure and the expansion of broadband;
  • the digital consumption rate;
  • innovative government; friction material
  • digital society;
  • research, education and culture; friction material
  • security, protection and a good reputation for society and business; to
  • the European to international dimension of the digital breakthrough.

Federal Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) de Maizière noted that no-one ministry could possibly manage all these avenues on its own, and that the main goal of all their personal efforts was to increase public trust in digital technology. He said that he was committed to increasing data and information security, that the Federal Ministry of the Animo is responsible, across all areas employ the Digital Agenda.

“Focusing exclusively on the issue belonging to the NSA is not helpful. We have to address protecting the Internet no matter where attacks from, ” he concluded.

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