DEL: Technicians Health Insurance Fund to use electrical insurance cards

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On 23 September 2013, the German Aspects Health Insurance Fund (Techniker Krankenkasse instructions TK, in German) stopped producing paper cards. These will be repaired by the smart chip technology charge which will start being distributed with the 8. 5 million insured clients on 30 September 2013.

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The new cards comply with all the recent EU standards designed for insurance and credit cards. “Their border is that they offer more security in the online transfer of personal details, like, clothing, a person’s address, ” explained Cecilie Schank, the electronic Insurance R4 card (elektronische Gesundheitskarten – eGK, having German) Project Manager.

Paper and electronic cards experienced been both available for a transitional time two years and at least 90  porciento of the insured persons have already little by little switched to the electronic card. All the Fund aims at having distributed every one electronic cards to all persons and obtain by the end of 2013.

The old paper card had repaired the paper health booklet having 1993. While it possessed a microchip, the fund’s service points required to issue a new one every time the personal information of the insured person (name, house, insurance status, etc . ) worsened.

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  • Original newspaper article – eHealth. com (in German)

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