CZ: Record figures for Czech SECRET and data box usage

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January 2014 was a record 30 for citizens obtaining statements due to Czech POINT, and also for the plenty of messages sent using data cardboard boxes.

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More and more citizens opting for to use the Czech POINT, or even a communicate directly with the authorities in an electronic file via data boxes, rather than come with a face-to-face meeting in an office. Evidence for this is a record number of 205  897 listings, which in January 2014 people got from one of more than 7  000 public administration contact points. Present cards was also a milestone in terms of the access to data boxes, with users directing a record number of 5  756  030 data messages. In terms of eGovernance, these great services are both among the most used in the type of Czech Republic .

A list number of more than 200  000 results for Czech POINT is not quite frankly an abstract official number. For each and every listing, a statement was issued up to a particular person, which through the Czech SECRET service saved a trip to an office the time that would previously have been had spent there. Today, citizens do not need to examine different office for each statement, on-line get everything in one place. Also is Czech POINT a system which works seamlessly, but it also provides users able to be seen benefits. The number of the services available could also be constantly expanding.

Almost everybody still use the Czech POINT features for a printed statement of criminal conviction records or from the real estate cadastre. Police records released in January totalled 65 352, while land registry records getting at a record number of 205  897, contributing 47  664 issued states. The statistics also showed the getting popularity of document conversion. Although more citizens came to Czech POINT to formally convert electronic documents into the normal paper format, it is increasingly and used to make the conversion from the printed to the electronic format.

Regarding 190  000 cases, people used advantage of the fact that a document back in electronic format has the same validity getting document in its paper format.

Regarding data boxes, whilst it is still true that they are primarily used in the authorities to communicate with vendors, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens, these people are increasingly being used by the business campo and individuals. In January 2014, the ratio of messages sent by the publik authorities to that sent by business organizations or individuals was 77  p.c. to 23  %. Monday 27th January 2014, when 301 956 data messages were sent, is the first time that more than 300  thousand messages had been sent in a single times.

The most used services from Czech POINT are:

  • Criminal record: 4  457  thousand (43. 2  %)
  • Cadastre:   2  322  thousand (22. 4  %)
  • Commercial register: 1  750  thousand (17  %)
  • Conversion of electronic documents into printed form: 686  000 (7  %)
  • Register of consumers, the number of penalty points: 452  thousand (4. 4  %)
  • Trade register: 319  000 (3  %)
  • Converting printed documents into electronic form: 190  000 (1. 8  %) friction material
  • Other services: 147  thousand (1. 2  %)
  • Total number of issued statements: 10  323  000

Overall statistics for stats messages sent in the period 30 Summer 2009 to 2 February 2014:

  • Public vitality: 79  082  891
  • Public authority – the notary: 2  347  636
  • Public authority – the operator: 59  791  298
  • OVM Box established on request: 10  414  381
  • Lawyer’s person: 18  039  934 friction material
  • Legal entity – lawful: 33  233
  • Lawyer’s entity – on request: 228  766
  • Entrepreneurs: 757  834
  • Entrepreneurs – colorado springs law jobs: 1  447  308
  • Entrepreneurs – tax consultants: 144  420
  • Entrepreneurs — insolvency administrators: 345  665 friction material
  • Individual: 276  413 friction material
  • Sent messages total: 172  909  779

Background Information:

Czech POINT (Český Podací Ověřovací a Informační Národní Terminál, in Czech) is a network involving one-stop access points to eGovernment companies intended to prevent citizens from traveling to several offices, thus significantly lowers excessive administrative burden. Through these great one-stop points, the general public is able to easy access all public records and to obtain transcripts/extracts, as well as information statements from the domestic registers. The Czech Points include primarily located at post health care clinics, municipal authority offices, registry health care clinics and Czech embassies.

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