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The Simap. ch public eProcurement portal, which is used for federal, cantonal and communal procurement authorities in Swirzerland, was additional and upgraded on 3 Race 2014. The improvements include original bidder profile features and standardised forms.

as well as more – Description:  

The following news have been introduced for contracting agents:

  • Form-creating way, ensuring standardised data is downloaded by bidders;
  • Project-specific modifications to bidder data way;
  • Public directory of visitors, including their business activity and simply CPV and CSD codes. friction material

The following new features seems to be introduced for bidders:

  • Bidder profiles for organizations can be entities, including document storage capability; friction material
  • Link to UID register (no more than 1 bidder profile for each UID or foreign ID); friction material
  • User management tool of the bidder administrator of the entity; friction material
  • Secure access to user and simply bidder profiles;
  • Auto-complete function for certain fields in bidder data forms.

Background Information:

Simap. ch is a website to facilitate public eProcurement this is shared by the federal government, cantons and simply communes. It offers a simple procedure for publik\ contract-awarding authorities to post their tenders and, if need be, any relevant irritated documents. Bidders and companies engaged are given an overview of all existing loan agreements across Switzerland and can download travel tenders and tender documents. They may be ask any questions they may use directly on a question/answer forum using the portal.

The platform’s benefits include:

  • Modern technology and customer-friendly user interface; friction material
  • The entire process from the crisis of an invitation to tender about announcement of contract award is probably seamless, no media discontinuity; friction material
  • Advanced search functions with publications;
  • Online ongoing service for bidders.

The aim of this portal continually to facilitate business relations between the contract-awarding authorities, the bidders and the public market place and provide related services such as resources, consultancy and training under the operations of the Association simap. ch.

Further information:

  • Original news story, newspaper article – Simap. ch
  • Information on the Simap 2014 ausdehnung
  • Specified meaning of the Simap 2014 expansion  friction material

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