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“Broadband for rigtig Seniors is funded through the Australian Government to provide their senior Aussies, aged fifty in addition to, with acessibility to free laptop or computer systems, Internet and normal training to help plan their confidence trying new-technology…

Internet connection for Seniors should

/ Provide senior Australians now with access to computers as well as the Internet via cost-free Internet kiosk;

/ Support seniors to attain confidence and build skills trying new-technology;

/ Address the possible lack of senior Aussies feeling isolated plus ‘left behind’ international locations technological age for; plus

/ Build community participation plus social inclusion among person Aussies.

The Australian Government has entered $25. 4 thousand to Broadband for Seniors over seven year that will help 2015. Broadband for rigtig Seniors is a online productivity initiative with a Australian Government’s Country Digital Economy Plan of action… inches

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