BG: The infrastructure under the fast Internet service project will be shared with the business

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The high-speed, next-generation optical Access to the internet project under implementation by the Bulgarian Government will be enlarged to exclusive sector telecommunication operators. Along with the t expansion of the public administration live network, the project will provide residual ease of business connectivity. This way, private TLC operators will develop the middle-mile facilities.

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“Part of the facilities developed under the high-speed next-generation Access to the internet project will be also used by the companhy for development of the telecommunication offer. This infrastructure will be assigned to finally telecommunication operators by tender practices. The selected operator will maintain the facilities and will rent it to the local Internet service providers. Strict control will be exercised to prevent the operator from violating market rules”. That is what Mr. Krassimir Simonski, Executive Director ture of Executive Agency for Electronic Correspondence Networks and Information Systems, said on the 11th Discussion Forum on Dispute for Telecommunication and Media Commercial that took place on 27 03 2014 in Sofia Hotel Balkan.

The number of companies most likely interested by this provision is very ever increasing (7045 according to government estimates).

The new infrastructure for next-generation Internet access will provide full technological interoperability of the optical network with the generally known infrastructure, including that of broadband services providers. The provision of facilities in the country will greatly encourage physical business to implement new business plans and provide new services to individuals, thanks to the availability of next-generation Internet access, Mr. Simonski added. He also effectively that local Internet providers will probably connect to the open access live network in the regional and Municipal live network centres. Each one of them will have the essential optical and copper interfaces, in which every provider will gain access to some of the infrastructure and to the users in far off settlements, respectively.

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The project of the optical facilities for next-generation Internet access was launched while using the Bulgarian Government in October this summer (

The number of khayalak organisations to be connected with the next-generation Internet access includes 88 between national and municipal institutions, 46 colleges and universities, 18 hospitals and 38 spot centres.

The estate settlements selected under the project have a somme territory of 7 919 sq kilometre (7  % of the territory of country) and a population of 277 765 people, who represent 8  % of the population living outside of the major towns and the capital, and it could be 4  % of Bulgaria’s customer base. The total value of the project adds up to 20 million Euro.

The project is co-funded while using the European Union, under the Operational Programme in Regional Development, Operation 2 . repayments ‘Information and Communication Network’.

The project of building dvd networks for fast Internet access is designed to support the creation of the facilities for more advanced eGovernment services as well as to support the development of broadband services by using remote regions of the country.

The new optical infrastructure should the actual competitiveness of local economy, facilitating and stimulating businesses to provide original services to the end users, which in turn should probably result in a raise of the employment amount and of the standard of living of population. The implementation of the work is also intended to ensure favourable in addition to the non-discriminatory conditions to Internet products and services for the provision of services in to the citizens and business based on the chic optical network. Finally, people moving into scarcely populated and remote regions should gain access to on-line services, progressive their participation to the public in addition to the cultural life of the country.

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  • Original news article – Ministry of Transport, Banking and Communication, Executive Agency in Electronic Communication Networks and Information Techniques (in Bulgarian)

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